This policy is an agreement between you, the subscriber, and Webiny Ltd. As a registered user on our platform, you agree to the terms that this policy governs. If you do not agree with this policy you are not entitled to use our services.

The goal of the policy is to ensure all users on the platform are using it in a way that it's not harming the platform and other tenants.


Each limit outlaid here can have a soft or a hard cap. Soft caps can be extended by contacting our support team.


Bandwidth is the traffic between the client and the Webiny serverless cloud.

Please note that any assets, like images, CSS or JavaScript files, that are delivered via the CDN, are not counted into your bandwidth limitations. Only the traffic for which the CDN needs to go back to our origin is accounted for. On average, the CDN should alleviate about 70-80% of your static asset traffic.

Bandwidth limits per package:
100GB / month

500GB / month

The caps for bandwidth is automatically increased at a rate of $0.2 per additional GB delivered.
The CDN delivery bandwidth is unlimited.

Extra usage packages

Extra usage packages are limited to 10 units by default. This is a soft cap and can be increased by contacting our support team.

Database limits

There are several limits that apply to your database:

Storage - soft cap
Max storage limit is 10GB per website.

Collections - soft cap
There is a limit of 100 collections. By default, Webiny CMS uses 12 collections. There is also 1 collection per new content model that's created.

All soft caps can be increased by contacting our support team.

File storage limits

Storage - soft cap
There is a soft cap of 100 GB storage space that is applied to each website. This cap can be increased
by contacting our support team.

File size - soft or hard cap depending on the package
There is a 10MB limit to the maximum file size that can be uploaded to the platform. In general, this is a hard limit for the Freelance package and can be increased for Agency and Enterprise customers.
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